A person’s success is measured by the work he/she does and if he/she is leading a team, the way team works and team member’s achievements says it all. So here we have a list of achievers, whose stories speak so loud, how they are living, what impact Mr. Rajeev Sood is having on their life and how their life changed after working as an Insurance Adviser with Life Insurance Corporation of India.

1. Mr. Guru Pal Sharma

He worked in private sector for almost 25 years, one fine day he met Mr. Rajeev Sood through some reference, things molded and he ended up taking agency in 2007. Initially for two years, he didn’t work much but later on, he buckled up and gave his first shot or we can say a shock. He qualified an international recognition MDRT(Million Dolllar Round Table). LIC’s Branch Office(Unit-IV) in Sector-7, Chandigarh is serving since 30 years and none of working agents had an International Recognition till then and this gentleman, Mr. Guru Pal Sharma, under the guidance of Mr. Rajeev Sood. He was not only just the first MDRT of Unit-IV Branch, he qualified for club memberships, setting new level every time for other Agents. He is a diamond amongst all Jewels in Rajeev Sood’s Team.

2. Mr. Tapan Kumar Pramanik


Mr. Tapan Pramanik is Accountant and Tax Consultant since last 24 years and his clients generally invest into Insurance for tax rebate purpose. One of his friend suggested to join Life Insurance as an agent and then he met Mr. Sood and joined his team. Now he says, “I like LIC Agency more than my profession of Accountant & Taxation because in Insurance Agency, I get paid for our work till the policy is in-force and that can be for 10 years, 20 or 30 years depending upon the term of Policy while none of the other business offers the same.” Remembering the story of his first achievement, he adds one fine day after the weekly meeting, he was asked by Mr. Rajeev Sood to go for MDRT, he actually didn’t know until he searched on the internet and studied. He achieved it but he didn’t realize what he has achieved until his Development Officer, Mr. Rajeev Sood, and team appreciated his effort. He is very much thankful to his friend, who introduced him to Mr. Rajeev Sood.

3. Mr. Yogesh Sharma

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Mr. Yogesh works in a Government Department and his salary is a meager Rs. 5000 per month. Till 2008, he was living a very ordinary life,  but he wanted to live lavishly, however money was not in plenty. He started looking for part time work and finally got it as Insurance Adviser with the Life Insurance Corporation, where he not only earned  more money but he also grew socially and helped many people in planning their lives. He now has Rs. 1,00,000 as his monthly income and owns a car. He is also a Zonal Manager Club qualifier. According to him, this profession is worth worshiping because  it enables him to improve his standard of living substantially and gives him satisfaction as well. Now his aim is to achieve  the next level i.e., MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) and go for the International Convention held at  US/Canada.

4. Mr. Sanjeev Bidla

Mr. Sanjeev Bidla was a Ward Attendant at PGI(Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research), Chandigarh before he joined Life Insurance Corporation of India as a Life Insurance Agent. To earn part time income he started a business at his home, that was making Cushion Covers on order basis but that couldn’t yield good results so he had to close it and then he thought of opening a Cosmetic shop but that also didn’t compensate their monetary requirement. “We attract the things that we think most about” and same happened with Sanjeev. He was just thinking of some part time work. In 2008, he came in contact with Mr. Rajeev Sood  and joined LIC as adviser. Within 4-5 years, he was in a position to buy a Car  because now his monthly income from LIC is about Rs. 35,000-40,000. Now he aims to achieve MDRT in coming years. He is a true charm of this team. He has the best dressing sense among all. He is the most regular person in the weekly meetings that is why he is among the successful agents in this team.